World Premiere and Release of "Marejada"
Aug 31, 2020

World Premiere and Release of "Marejada"

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This weekend, Kronos performed the world premiere of Angélica Negrón's Marejada for the Requiem for Justice festival, an International online rally of artists, activists, and thinkers.

Our latest addition to the 50 for the Future repertoire, Marejada was created specifically to be played in a video conferencing environment.

Watch Kronos' performance below, and visit Angélica's page to access the newly released score & parts, artwork, composer interview, and more for Marejada.

From the program notes:

“When Kronos approached me in March 2020 to write a piece for them to rehearse and perform together during this difficult moment of social isolation, I wanted to create something playful and rhythmic yet flexible and malleable that would be fun to put together. Something that responded directly to the challenges during this time of performing music together while not being able to be together in the same room. But also, something that took into consideration the limitations of the video communications platforms and use those challenges as compositional material and creative impulse. The natural delay, the canceling of sound frequencies and the inability for everyone to fully play together at the same time and in perfect synchronization, are all challenges that I decided to embrace as unique elements that make this piece thrive even within the limitations of the medium.

Marejada is an invitation to sonically escape from your room and to actively imagine and immerse yourself in a different place and time.”

Angélica Negrón